Welcome to Grieg Seafood®

Since 2001 Grieg Seafood BC Ltd. has been responsibly farming salmon off Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast.

Operating 22 farm sites and a land-based freshwater hatchery in the town of Gold River, Grieg is licensed to produce 23,400 tonnes of salmon annually to North American and Asian markets. This level of production directly employs over 150 people and indirectly supports hundreds of contractors, suppliers, and family-owned businesses in the province.

Grieg operates its farms near almost a dozen coastal communities. It donates approximately $100,000 annually to numerous local causes like wild salmon enhancement projects, non-profit organizations, youth sports, Indigenous initiatives, education, and community events.


  •  Salmon farm locations are selected for their low environmental impact.
  •  Farmed salmon are vaccinated to prevent disease and rarely need additional medications.
  •  Salmon farms employ thousands of workers in BC's coastal region.
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