Grieg Seafood Response to Global TV story May 22, 2019

Posted on May 23, 2019

Grieg Seafood is grateful that we get to farm our salmon in Indigenous territories, and it is our responsibility to ensure that our farmed salmon can live in co-existence with wild salmon in the area. 

Sea lice is one of the ways that we may impact wild salmon, and so we work very hard to keep the sea lice levels low, in accordance with the regulations of British Columbia. We only use sea lice control practices that are approved by the authorities, and which have gone through a rigorous application process. The sea lice program that we use, which is standard industry practice, rotates various treatments to make sure that we do not develop resistance. We are working towards developing preventative methods against sea lice and will in the near future be using fresh water as a treatment. 

We report our lice numbers to the public on our website and to the federal regulator, Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Grieg Seafood complies with all parts of all our licencing conditions and are in full compliance with the sea lice threshold. We always respond to requests and directions from DFO. We are committed to develop salmon farming practices which allow us to reduce our environmental impact and improve the welfare of our fish. We have great respect for the environment and communities where we operate.


  •  Farmed salmon is raised naturally. That means no hormones or genetic modification to enhance growth.
  •  Farmed salmon is BC's largest Agri Product and a significant contributor to our local economies.
  •  Salmon farming is the most regulated agricultural industry in British Columbia.
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