Most of Grieg Seafood’s 100+ employees live in more than a dozen rural and aboriginal communities around north Vancouver Island and the coast area of British Columbia known as the Sunshine Coast, which is 120 km north of BC’s largest city, Vancouver. We are already a second-generation company, with father-and-son staff, siblings, mother-and-daughter and others who follow family members to work in aquaculture.

More than 200 companies, most being small businesses, supply services and products to BC’s salmon farm companies, including marine transport, water-taxi transport, feed and fuel delivery, harvest transport, fish processing, net wash and repair, dive services, welding, and technical reporting to name a few.

Nearly 5,000 women and men are employed directly and indirectly in BC’s aquaculture sector, which offers sustainable year-round employment.


  •  Farmed salmon are rich in heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids.
  •  Salmon farming provides real economic and social benefits to First Nations people.
  •  Farmers work with scientists to maintain fish health.
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