Started in 2001, Grieg Seafood BC Ltd. farms salmon in British Columbia, Canada. Our farms are located on the Sunshine Coast and on the east and west coast of Vancouver Island. Grieg’s freshwater hatchery is located in Gold River about a 90-minute drive from our head office in Campbell River. With a population more than 760,000, Vancouver Island is the largest island off the west coast of North America and is just north of Seattle, Washington. The capital of our province, Victoria, is located at the southern-most tip of the island.

As Grieg’s operations are located in various remote locations, our employees and contractors reside in 18 mainly coastal communities. This provides much needed economic and employment opportunity where forestry and logging are the other primary sectors. Grieg directly employs over 100 people and works with more than 200 small local businesses.

Our freshwater hatchery is at the town of Gold River ( The hatchery employs two dozen technicians, maintenance staff and managers. Like many rural communities close to our farms, Gold River’s businesses provide warehousing services, fuel, equipment sales, marine servicing and accommodation.

Grieg’s Pacific Northwest location allows us to supply North American and Asian markets with fresh salmon on a year-round basis. Our parent company Grieg Seafood ASA ( has offices in Bergen, Norway. It operates other salmon farms in Norway at Rogaland (southwest region) and Finnmark (northern region) as well as the Shetland Islands in the UK. Grieg’s salmon is distributed to its markets via its sales company Ocean Quality North America, a subsidiary of Ocean Quality ASA (


  •  Farmed salmon is the only way we can get fresh salmon year round.
  •  Farmers work with scientists to maintain fish health.
  •  Salmon farms employ thousands of workers in BC's coastal region.
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