On the Farm

British Columbia’s coast includes 25,000 kilometres of shoreline which juts into seaside and inland bays and offers exceptional growing conditions for farming salmon.

Vancouver Island is home to a diversity of ecosystems – rainforests, marshes, meadows, beaches, mountains, oceans, rivers and lakes – creating habitat for spectacular wildlife including bears, eagles, whales, otters and salmon. Grieg’s farmers are proud to work in pristine settings, and they respect the natural environment for the shared benefit of nearby wildlife habitat, First Nation and rural communities and recreational visitors. Living on site in self-contained barge-floathouses ensures a 24/7 presence of Grieg’s farm crews to monitor the health and welfare of our fish.


  •  Farmed salmon are vaccinated to prevent disease and rarely need additional medications.
  •  Salmon farm information is publicly available and easily accessed.
  •  Farmed salmon is BC's largest Agri Product and a significant contributor to our local economies.
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