Grieg Seafood BC Ltd. employs more than 150 people in more than a half-dozen coastal and aboriginal communities. Although many have grown up in Vancouver Island towns or are members of Indigenous communities, some have come with their families from other parts of Canada to join the Grieg team. Several have returned to BC after working in the aquaculture industry elsewhere in Canada.

Grieg’s Managing Director Rocky Boschman has been working in BC’s salmon farming industry since 1986 and understands the economic opportunity that the industry presents to British Columbia. In 2015, this industry generated more than $400 million in Gross Domestic Product and over $60 million in tax revenues. Farmed salmon is British Columbia’s largest agriculture export. More importantly, the salmon farming industry directly employs nearly 5000 people and provides much needed employment for people living in rural communities.

Grieg staff are committed members of their communities. They coach sports teams, bring their talents to local arts groups, and volunteer at community events involving their children and families. Grieg’s values state:

  • We are open and honest.
  • Today we shall do better than yesterday.
  • We do what we say.
  • We are positive and enthusiastic.
  • We care.


  •  Farmed salmon is the only way we can get fresh salmon year round.
  •  Salmon farming provides real economic and social benefits to First Nations people.
  •  Farmers work with scientists to maintain fish health.
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