Third-party certification is an important aspect of being accountable to the consumer. It means independent experts have audited and certified that farms are operating to best practice standards. Through certification by third party bodies, customers can be confident that Grieg Seafood is committed to the environment, social integrity, the health of our salmon and the consumer.

Grieg Seafood has been awarded the Best Aquaculture Practices certification by the Global Aquaculture Alliance, the leading standards-setting organization for aquaculture seafood. The Best Aquaculture Practices standards are developed by a committee of diverse stakeholders including leading progressive environmental organizations. The review process involved an audit of Grieg’s social responsibility, food safety, animal welfare and traceability processes and systems, as well as audits at its farms. Best Aquaculture Practices certification standards for salmon farms incorporate ongoing guidelines and quantitative criteria for veterinary care, nets, and feed content and feed ratios.

Grieg Seafood BC has initiated a program to attain Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification beginning in 2019. ASC certification is the aquaculture equivalent of the well-known Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for commercial fisheries. The ASC sets an unprecedented standard for sustainable food production.  The standard includes more than 150 indicators addressing issues and impacts related to seven principles:

  • Compliance with all applicable national laws and local regulations
  • Conservation of natural habitat, local biodiversity and ecosystem function
  • Protection of the health and genetic integrity of wild populations
  • Use of resources in an environmentally efficient and responsible manner
  • Management of disease and parasites in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Development and operation of farms in a socially responsible manner
  • Being a good neighbour and conscientious citizen

ASC Information Sharing 

  • Unexplained Loss: Not Applicable at this time
  • Wildlife Interactions: Not Applicable at this time










Note: An exception to indicator 3.1.7 of the ASC Salmon Standard has been granted for managing sea lice in British Columbia,  sea lice are instead managed in accordance with the Pacific
Aquaculture Regulation.



  •  Farmed salmon is raised naturally. That means no hormones or genetic modification to enhance growth.
  •  Salmon farms employ thousands of workers in BC's coastal region.
  •  Farmers work with scientists to maintain fish health.
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