A New Path Forward: Grieg supports implementation of UNDRIP in BC

Photo c/o Government of BC

Yesterday, the Government of British Columbia introduced a bill to bring the standards of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) into provincial law. If the bill passes, BC will become the first province in Canada to legally implement UNDRIP.

This is an historic moment for BC and all Indigenous peoples in the province, one that Grieg Seafood recognizes is a monumental step towards First Nations reconciliation in Canada.

Our Indigenous partnerships mean a lot to Grieg. We are grateful to be allowed to farm our fish in the traditional territories of many coastal Nations, and are humbled to be invited into many Indigenous communities each year.

In BC, Grieg already acknowledges the recommendations of UNDRIP, and every day we strive to include local Nations on all levels of engagement, information sharing, and opportunity.

We fully support this legislation put forward by the Government of British Columbia because it was developed side-by-side with BC’s First Nations, something Grieg will continue to do as we progress in developing sustainable fish farming in their waters.

For the full legislative declaration, click here: https://declaration.gov.bc.ca/