Most of Grieg Seafood’s 150 employees live in coastal communities along northern Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast, mainly Campbell River and the Comox Valley. Others reside in more than a dozen rural and Indigenous communities. We are already a second-generation company, with father-and-son staff, siblings, mother-and-daughter and others who follow family members to work in aquaculture.

Hundreds of companies (mostly small, family-owned businesses) supply services and products to BC’s salmon farm companies from across the province. Services provided include marine transport, water-taxi transport, feed and fuel delivery, harvest transport, fish processing, net wash and repair, dive services, welding, and technical reporting to name a few.

Nearly 6,000 women and men are employed directly and indirectly in BC’s aquaculture sector, which offers sustainable year-round employment.

Grieg operates its 22 farms near almost a dozen coastal communities. It donates approximately $100,000 annually to these communities. Recipients are often wild salmon enhancement projects, non-profit organizations, youth sports, Indigenous initiatives, education, and community events.