Grieg Seafood farms Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar. Atlantic salmon are an ideal choice for salmon farming, as they naturally school together and are farmed more easily than other fish species. Its small head in proportion to its body means a greater percentage of meat per fish for the consumer. Atlantic salmon is also popular with Japanese restaurants on their sushi menus.

Being non-native to BC, Atlantic salmon are not susceptible to some of the naturally occurring viruses that affect Pacific salmon species. Numerous attempts by provincial agencies in the last century to introduce Atlantic salmon to BC waters were all unsuccessful.



Ocean Quality is the sales organization for Grieg Seafood. Their sales force strives to meet high standards, carrying out distribution services to dedicated customers all around the world. Ocean Quality is Global.G.A.P. CoC and ASC CoC approved.

Grieg has developed the premium Skuna Bay Salmon, which is renowned for its attention to detail and quality in fine dining restaurants around North America.

The proximity to the U.S. and Asian markets makes it possible for us to offer fresh fish with optimal quality and extended shelf life.

Atlantic salmon farmed in our net pens are rated Yellow – Good Alternative by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program. Grieg Seafood was the first salmon farming company in North America to be sourcing all of its salmon from farms that were independently audited by the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification program.

Contact Ocean Quality North America Inc for a reliable long-term seafood supplier. Their experienced and service minded sales representatives are ready to help.

Contact info: or 1 (778) 379-4242